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Corporate Logos - Gift Boxes

A Corporate Logo Box contains the following number of ½ pound trays:
Size Box PRICE Logos Assorted Meltaways Nuts &
½ lb A $13.50 1
1 lb A $26.00 1 1
1½ lb B $39.00 1 2
2 lb B $52.00 2 2
3 lb This Box is temporarly out of stock
5 lb B $130.00 4 3 1 1 1

The above selection of trays per box is the standard pack, if you however would like to change anything please let us know & we would be happy to quote on it for you.

All Corporate Logo Gift Boxes get a 15% discount.
          Orders over $800.00 get a 20% discount.
          Orders over $3000.00 you will get a bonus 2.5% discount.

Logo trays are two layers deep. The top layer is foiled - colors are your choice.
Logo chocolates can be a combination of milk, dark &/or white chocolate.

There are two styles available for most gift box size.

Box Option "A":
Choose either the Charlie's Box
OR      Black Acetate Box
Box Option "B":
Choose either the
Charlie's Box
Black Leatherette Box

Box Option "C":
Charlie's Box

We offer Christmas wrapping on the boxes at no extra charge. If you do not require wrapping we can offer you a further 1.5% discount (up to a maximum of 24%).

If you have any further questions please contact us.