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Corporate Logos - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a minimum order?

A. Yes, there is minimum order of 100 pieces per chocolate type.

Q. Is there a discount for logo chocolates?

A. Corporate Logo chocolates are pre-discounted, no additional discounts can be applied.

Q. What is proper artwork?

A. Have a look at our example.

Q. Can I order more than 1 type of chocolate?

A. Yes, you can choose from milk, dark or white and the price does not change.

Q. Can I choose multiple foils per order?

A. Yes, you can choose more than 1 foil color at no additional cost. It's quite popular to use different colors when buying milk, dark and white in order to tell them apart.

Q. Can I use the same mold to make different sizes of chocolates?

A. No, molds are made to a specific size. If you would like a different size of chocolate another mold must be set up.

Q. Can we get smaller gift handouts?

A. Yes, we can create packages to suit your individual needs.

Q. What does the back of the logo look like?

A. We secure the foil with a Charlie's label, based on the size that best fits each chocolate we package.

Q. Is there an Ingredient listing on the logo chocolates?

A. Logo pieces that are 1 ¾ x 2 ½" or larger will have an Ingredient Label on the back. Smaller piece sizes will have a Charlie's label only which allows people to know where the chocolate comes from & then find the Ingredient/Allergen information on our website.

Alternatively, if you want to provide your own sticker, you can find more information here.

Q. Can I have the order separated into multiple packs?

A. Yes we can, but there will be a surcharge - you can find more information here.