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Candy Buffets - Jar Rental

We rent the jars as a package.

Group 1 is 11 pieces$48.00
(7 jars/lids, 2 bowls, 2 old fashioned jars)
Group 2 is 9 pieces$36.00
(7 jars/lids, 2 bowls or 2 old fashioned jars)
Group 3 is 7 pieces$24.00
(7 jars/lids)

Jar Rental is only offered to customers who are purchasing an equivalent amount of bulk candy from us.

Jar Volumes by weight:
A2 — 2.5 lbs
B2.5 — 3 lbs
C3 lbs
D4.5 — 5 lbs
E4.5 lbs of Salt Water Taffy
6 lbs + for anything not Taffy

The above are approximate weights as each candy fits differently in the jars. The information is based on actual history of candy buffets using a variety of our bulk candy.