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Candy Buffets - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I come into the store to see the candy & discuss this further?

A. Yes, of course! All of the candy & jars are stocked in our Burnaby store.

Q. How much candy should I allow per person?

A. You don't want to run out ... Approximately 200 - 250 grams or 1/2lb of candy per person is average.

Q. How early do I need to reserve?

A. Jars are on a first-come basis.

Q. Do you have bags that I can have on the table for guests?

A. Yes, we have a large selection of packaging – please see “Supplies”

Q. Do you require a deposit on the jars?

A. Yes, we require a $75.00 deposit when renting our jars. Once jars are returned in good condition (not broken, no missing lids & clean) we will refund the entire deposit.

Q. Do jars need to be washed?

A. Yes, please wash & dry the jars before returning. If jars are not clean, a $20 charge will be deducted from your deposit.

Q. Can extra candy be returned?

A. If a bulk bag is un-opened & in good condition and you have the receipt we can take it back. Sorry, open candy can not be returned.